Kindle Won’t Wake Up? Here’s How You Can Fix It

Is your Kindle refusing to wake up? That frozen screen can be quite a concern, especially when you’re itching to continue with your favorite book. We’ve all been there, eager for a reading session, only to find our device unresponsive.

But before you let stress take over, it’s essential to know that there’s usually a simple fix.

Kindle devices are known for their efficiency and reliability. Yet, like all electronic gadgets, they can sometimes hit a snag.

Kindle Won't Wake Up: Fix

One common hiccup users face is the Kindle getting stuck on the screensaver, not waking up, leaving them with an unresponsive device.

It’s a problem, yes, but one with a range of potential solutions.

So, what’s the quick answer? More often than not, a hard reset will do the trick. It’s like giving your Kindle a gentle nudge to remind it of its duties. But if that doesn’t work, don’t afraid.

We’ve got a list of solutions lined up for you.

1. Check the Power Source

We all know the frustration of a device not turning on. Before jumping to conclusions, it’s vital to assess the basics.

A common culprit that’s often overlooked is the power source itself.

You could be dealing with a defective outlet. It’s a straightforward thing to miss. Consider plugging your Kindle into a different power socket in your home.

Sometimes, the one you’ve been using just doesn’t cut it. Another factor to keep in mind is how you’re charging.

If your usual method is through a computer, give direct wall charging a shot. Computers might not always offer the efficient charging that wall outlets do.

By merely switching up the power source, you could solve the issue at hand.

2. Reset Your Kindle

When your Kindle doesn’t respond, a reset can act as a fresh start. It’s a method that’s been around for ages and has solved countless device hiccups.

To reset, it’s simple. Firmly hold down the power button for a solid 20 seconds.

Once that’s done, give it a few seconds. Then, go ahead and press the power button once more to see any signs of life.

It’s astonishing how this easy step can sometimes turn things around and get you back to your reading in no time.

3. Drain the Battery

Letting a device’s battery run dry might seem like odd advice. Sometimes it’s just what the device needs. It’s like giving your Kindle a little break.

Leave the Kindle aside, without charging it, for a day or two. This process ensures the battery is fully drained.

Once you’re sure it’s empty, connect it to a charger and let it juice up without any interruptions. It’s like giving your Kindle a fresh start, and often, this simple process can be the answer to many power-related woes.

4. Update Your Kindle

Ensuring your device is up to date is not just about having the latest features. It’s also about functionality.

Outdated software can sometimes be the cause of various glitches, including power issues.

To check for updates, it’s simple. Make sure your Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi. Dive into the settings and look for any available updates. If you spot one, don’t hesitate.

Download and install it immediately. This new software version might be the very thing that addresses and resolves your Kindle’s reluctance to wake up.

5. Clean the Charging Port

The charging port, the small gateway for power, can sometimes be the root of the problem. Over time, it might gather dust and other tiny particles that can hinder the charging process.

Approach this with caution. Using a soft brush or even compressed air, gently clean the port.

Ensure you don’t apply too much pressure, as you wouldn’t want to cause any further issues. Once you’ve given it a gentle cleanse, try plugging in the charger once more. You might just find that this was the tiny hiccup stopping your Kindle from waking up.

6. Contact Amazon Support

At times, after trying everything under the sun, it’s best to turn to the experts. Amazon has a dedicated team for Kindle support, ready to assist with any issues.

Reach out to them. They deal with problems like yours daily and are equipped with solutions that might not be common knowledge.

If your Kindle is still under warranty, even better. They might offer a replacement or guide you to the nearest repair center.

It’s comforting to know that there’s a dedicated team ready to assist you in times of need.


Why is my Kindle stuck on the screensaver and not waking up?

Your Kindle might be experiencing a temporary software glitch or a drained battery. Often, devices can freeze due to minor system errors or when the battery level gets too low.

How can I perform a hard reset on my Kindle?

To hard reset, press and hold the power button for about 20-30 seconds until the screen flashes or goes blank. Release the button and wait for your Kindle to restart.

What should I do if a hard reset doesn’t fix the issue?

If a hard reset doesn’t work, ensure your Kindle’s battery isn’t drained. Charge it using a working cable and adapter for at least 4 hours before trying to turn it on again.

Is it safe to keep trying different fixes if my Kindle isn’t responding? Yes, most of the recommended fixes are safe. However, if you’ve tried multiple solutions and your Kindle remains unresponsive, it might be time to contact Amazon’s customer service or visit an authorized repair center.

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