Home Assistant Dashboard Themes 2024 Edition

I remember when I first started using Home Assistant; the default theme felt a bit plain.

So, I began exploring different themes to make my dashboard not just functional but also visually appealing.

Here are my top 5 Home Assistant Dashboard Themes

How to manually install a theme in Home Assistant?

Download the Theme

  • First, find a theme you like. There are many available online, like on GitHub or Home Assistant community forums.
  • Download the theme file, usually in .yaml format.

Access the Home Assistant Configuration Directory

  • You need to access the directory where your Home Assistant configuration files are stored.

Create a Themes Folder

  • In the configuration directory, create a new folder named themes if it doesn’t already exist.

Add the Theme File

  • Place the downloaded .yaml theme file into the themes folder.

Update Configuration.yaml

  • Open your configuration.yaml file.
  • Add the following lines to include the themes directory
  themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes/

Save the changes.

Restart Home Assistant

  • After saving your configuration.yaml file, restart Home Assistant for the changes to take effect.

Activate the Theme

  • Once Home Assistant restarts, go to your profile in the Home Assistant interface.
  • Select the newly added theme from the theme dropdown menu.

Star Trek LCARS Theme

Card Mode Light Theme

[Metrology] Metro + Fluent + Windows Themes for Home Assistant

Caule Themes

Army Green Theme

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